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Understanding Log4Shell -A Log4J Zero-Day Exploit

I am sure If you’re interested enough to read this blog, you are familiar with the zero-day exploit discovered recently in the log4j library which allows remote code execution. I believe we can agree that it is the most dangerous type of vulnerability. In this post, we’ll examine which applications are vulnerable, how this exploit works (with a demo application), and what actions you can take to protect yourself.

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Lexorank — Managing Sorted Tables With Ease

Sorting data efficiently has always been a challenging task in computer science but there is also another challenge you will encounter after you tackle the sorting. Keeping your data sorted while updating it.

Imagine having a CONTENT table that stores thousands of contents and you allow content management users to manipulate the order of the contents. For example, a cms user might move content from the 5002nd row to the 13th row. To provide this feature, there are a couple of options you can choose from.

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Debug C++ with Rider for Unreal Engine

Hello Everyone! I would like to share a trick that took me some time to figure out. I’ve started using Rider for Unreal Engine which is an IDE developed by JetBrains. As a full-time Backend Java developer, I use IntelliJ for development. So when I started my game development journey I was not too comfortable with the Visual Studio. You can guess the level of my excitement when I heard the news about an IDE for Unreal Engine developed by JetBrains. Needless to say, I’ve joined the test program as soon as it gets online and started to develop my games with the help of Rider. But the issue was, I didn’t know how to debug with Rider.

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Why you should stop using Chrome?

Chrome is dominating the browser market since 2012. Maybe you’re thinking “Google is making a good job and having a lot of users because of this, is very natural” and you might be right. Yes, Google Chrome has a lot of features like remote control, casting, and whatnot. But it is not how Google achieved this success but where it is headed is concerning. So why exactly we must stop Chrome?

Browser market share image, Chrome 65 percent, Safari follows with 16 percent
Browser market share data acquired from (19/08/2020)
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How to transfer files from and to Android device via ADB

Transferring files between PC and Android is easy. But while working on a project which requires sending files back and forth between your computer and mobile device you may find this ADB commands useful. Whether it’s a certificate file or an image it’s easy to transfer files with ADB. I believe I do not have to state that this requires connecting your device via USB and having the required drivers installed on your computer.

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